Loan programs

Loan programs

Currently, AttonBank offers its customers a unified loan program. Its uniqueness is in the fact that you can receive a short-term loan remotely - without the personal presence of a potential borrower in any office and without providing them with a large number of documents that are usually necessary when applying for a loan in a regular bank.

At the same time, the circle of persons entitled to apply to AttonBank Internet Bank for a short-term loan is virtually unlimited, since absolutely any individual can become a client of the bank - without restrictions on the basis of the country of citizenship, country of residence, location, profession and also - the level of income.

Decisions on issuing a short-term loan in the AttonBank Internet Bank are made on the basis of personal information provided by the client at the time of applying for a short-term loan. Decision making - both on granting a loan or refusing a loan - is made on the basis of modern algorithms for calculating the so-called probabilistic reliability coefficient of a borrower, taking into account the subsequent assessment of the compliance of a particular customer's application with the bank's basic requirements for bids with a similar ratio ®.

As the tests showed, the providing with all the necessary personal information by the client is quite a significant factor in ensuring the repayment of the loan.

What is the procedure for getting the loan?

As already noted, a potential borrower applies for a short-term loan to AttonBank remotely.

To do this, he needs to register on the website of the AttonBank Internet Bank, download and fill in a special application form, send it to the, and then wait for the consideration and approval of the application. The average time for consideration of the application is only 5-6 hours, and in any case can not exceed 12 hours.

After the end of the application review procedure and in case of a positive decision, the requested amount is credited to the client's account in the Internet bank AttonBank and becomes available for withdrawal.

The short-term loan rate in AttonBank Internet Bank is 1.6% per calendar day. The maximum term of a short-term loan in AttonBank Internet Bank is 60 calendar days. The amount of the approved short-term loan cannot exceed the equivalent of 2,000 US dollars.

In the case of a positive decision on granting a short-term loan to a client, a single special insurance payment is deducted from the loan amount. Its amount is strictly fixed and equal to 155 US dollars.

At the same time, the short-term loans rate, as well as the maximum term and amount of short-term loan in the Internet bank AttonBank, are unchanged values.

It is also worth noting that in case of a positive decision on granting a short-term loan to a client, such a client enters into an additional loan agreement with Attonomy Ltd (United Kingdom). The full text of this agreement becomes available to the client at the moment of receiving a decision on the approval of his application for a short-term loan.

For more details on the conditions and procedures for issuing short-term loans in AttonBank Internet Bank, see paragraph 4 of the Agreement.