Investments & Finances

International Internet Bank AttonBank is a new generation of banking

AttonBank is an incredibly attractive financial product created on the state-of-the-arttechnological solutions basis, including in the blockchain sphere.

Nowadays, there is nothing like AttonBank anywhere in the world.

No paperwork required for starting to work with us, neither guarantors or large funds amount are necessary. All you need for gaining a high income with AttonBank is Internet access.

Account opening takes minutes with us, and from the very first second a guaranteed super-high income begins to accrue to your deposit. One percent a day - a rate so high couldn't be found anywhere in the world at the moment.

At the same time, we accept practically ALL existing cryptocurrencies and title units of most of the world's most popular payment systems.

AttonBank Internet Bank allows you to do the following: to make instant transfers between client accounts, convert one cryptocurrency to another - at an incredibly low rate, and also receive a daily guaranteed income without any investments.

And of course, AttonBank provides loans. Short-term loans for any purpose - we issue them around the clock and remotely, with the minimum necessary information and basic insurance premium. More details.

Get a loan in AttonBank - in any currency of your choice, within a reasonable maximum and - at a reasonable percentage. The decision to approve the loan takes just 12 hours. More details.

Deposits on AttonBank accounts have absolute protection

Firstly, it is a two-factor authorization system 2FA, when additional authorization is required via email or SMS to confirm that the client has entered the Internet bank and to perform any meaningful actions by the client.

Secondly, it is the full coverage of all customer deposits with a special deposit insurance program - at the expense of a special insurance fund of Attonomy Ltd, located on the accounts of the British Lloyds Bank Pls.

Thirdly, these are general law-established guarantees, which follow from the legislation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on legal entities and financial organizations registered under British jurisdiction.

And fourth, all the money of AttonBank's customers — in the form of cryptocurrencies, as well as deposits in the title signs of electronic payment systems — are under the direct ongoing control of the customers themselves, since each customer's money is available for withdrawal from his account in AttonBank at any given time.

Thus, AttonBank Internet Bank is a ready-made and customer-friendly system for accumulating and increasing savings, a clear and understandable financial plan that allows you to receive a high, pre-calculated income. This is a system of remote instant loans, it is a convenient and modern tool for calculations, conversions and virtually any type of practically any kind of existing exchange operations.

No special knowledge or technical skills or equipment are required for working with AttonBank, all calculations are made in US dollars - using simple and clear merchant gateways.

The client of AttonBank independently decides on the amount and term of its deposit, and the borrowing client on the amount of its short-term loan.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds from the account in AttonBank is available at any time and in any amount.