Projects AttonBank

What projects does the Internet Bank AttonBank have?

Currently, Attonomy Ltd in the structure of the Internet Bank AttonBank is developing three interrelated projects:

1. Placement of customer deposits

2. Short-term loans

3. The program of income without investments (affiliate program)

Deposit placement program

An Internet Bank AttonBank client (legal or physical person) registers a personal client account on the AttonBank website (, automatically becoming a client.

Then, on his “Personal Account” page, the client replenishes the balance of his account using any cryptocurrency or payment system of his choice, thus creating a deposit on which a fixed income immediately begins to accrue, which makes up 1% of the entire deposit amount every 24 hours at the time of accrual.

After 24 hours, the accrued income automatically adds up to the deposit and becomes available for withdrawal, that is the deposit is capitalized automatically.

At any time, the AttonBank Internet Bank client can withdraw all of his or hers money (or part of it) from his account at AttonBank, or the other way round - replenish his own account. In the case of a multiple account replenishment or withdrawal operations the income is charged on the amount that was actually present in the client's account within 24 hours at the time of accrual.

Read more about the procedure for calculating income can be found here.

The procedure of depositing the account as well as withdrawing funds into the AttonBank Internet Bank is carried out immediately - using any of the cryptocurrency list offered by AttonBank, as well as using the most common electronic payment systems chosen by the client, such as «PerfectMoney» and «Payeer», you can use your usual bank cards and other electronic currencies for payments.

Short-term loans

A potential borrower applies for a short-term loan to AttonBank remotely.

To do this, he needs to register on the website of the AttonBank Internet Bank, download and fill in a special application form, send it to the, and then wait for the consideration and approval of the application.

After the end of the application review procedure and in case of a positive decision, the requested amount is credited to the client's account in the Internet bank AttonBank and becomes available for withdrawal.

The short-term loan rate in AttonBank Internet Bank is 1.6% per calendar day.

Read more about the procedure for obtaining a short-term loan can be found here.

The program of income without investments (affiliate program)

In order to promote the AttonBank Internet Bank, Attonomy Ltd has developed its own system of additional earnings without placing deposits - the AttonBank affiliate program. The income under the affiliate program AttonBank is 25% of the income of the newly attracted client.

We tried to collect answers to the most frequently asked questions about working with the AttonBank Internet Bank on a special FAQ page. If you still have any questions, you can ask them here via the feedback form.