International Internet Bank AttonBank is a new generation of banking

AttonBank is an incredibly attractive financial product created on the state-of-the-art technological solutions basis, including in the blockchain sphere.

AttonBank. Never before was there anywhere in the world something like that.

Account opening takes minutes with us, and from the very first second a guaranteed high income begins to accrue to your deposit. One percent per day - a rate so high couldn't be found anywhere in the world at the moment. All you need to become a customer of AttonBank is Internet access.

AttonBank allows you to do the following: to make instant transfers between client accounts, convert one cryptocurrency to another - at an incredibly low rate, and also receive a daily guaranteed income without any investments.

And of course, AttonBank provides loans. Short-term loans for any purpose - we issue them around the clock and remotely, with the minimum necessary information.

The uniqueness of AttonBank is that its activities in all areas are carried out remotely using the Internet.

Any person can become a bank client without any restrictions on the basis of citizenship and residence, profession or income level. Without a doubt, AttonBank makes it one of the most stable and reliable investment banks in the world.

Just register and start earning the income right now.

Registration Update

Sat, 30 May 2020
Attonomy Ltd reorganized into ATB World Ltd. AttonBank continues to work as usual.

Start of the AttonBank

Tue, 25 June 2019
Start of the Internet Bank AttonBank public use. Launch of the AttonBank promotion campaign on the Internet, including popular social networks. The first 200 customers of the bank received bonuses.

Testing have been completed

Fri, 03 May 2019
All stages of the project beta testing have been completed successfully. Refinement of some algorithms used in determining of the borrower's reliability's probabilistic coefficient. Adding cry...

Development completed

Mon, 04 March 2019
All stages of the project development completed, launch accomplished in June 2018. As the result, the unique AttonBank client part has been created successfully, including the full functionality of pa...

Investor features

Income from Internet Bank AttonBank client's deposits is formed in proportion to the total profit of AttonBank. Profit is 1 percent per day. The profit on the deposit is accrued every 24 hours - at 09.00 hours (London time) for the whole amount of money that remained in the client account in the Internet bank AttonBank during the last 24 hours at the accrual time. More details.

Loan features

In order to apply for a short-term loan at AttonBank, you need to download and fill in an application form and then send to e-mail: In the event of a positive decision, the requested amount is credited to the client's account and becomes available for withdrawal. The loan rate is 1.6% per calendar day. The maximum term of the loan is 30 calendar days. More details.

AttonBank features

Affiliate Program

Any person can receive additional income by informing people about the Internet bank AttonBank. The affiliate program daily income is 25 percent of the newly invited client daily income.


When transferring funds to another client or withdrawing funds from his account, the client allowed to choose any cryptocurrency at his own request. In addition, exchange operations are available.

Instant Transfers

The possibility of transferring funds between customer accounts is provided. Those transfers are issued instantly. The fee for them is 0.15% of the amount transferred.


Capitalization of the income received on the client's deposit occurs the same time with its accrual; after capitalization, the income automatically adds to the main deposit and it also begins to accrue profits.

Debit and Credit Cards

Internet Bank AttonBank provides the debit and credit cards issuing. The credit cards issuing is for borrowing clients who have been approved for a short-term loan only.

Unchangable Profit Plan

The profit plan "1 percent per day" in the Internet bank AttonBank is guaranteed to be an unchangeable plan regardless of the deposit's amount.

Secure and reliable infrastructure

256-bit SSL secure connection

DDOS Guard

100% Anonymity

100% Availability

Maximum customer loyalty

24/7 support service

Absolute investment protection

Deposit and withdrawal at any time

Buying and selling cryptocurrency automatically

World rates of cryptocurrency