Frequently Asked Questions

What is AttonBank Internet Bank?

International internet bank AttonBank is a product of the British company Attonomy Ltd, the essence of which is to place deposits and issue short-term loans. A feature of AttonBank is that all operations within the Internet bank are performed remotely - by almost all known cryptocurrencies, as well as the most popular electronic payment systems. More details.

How long has AttonBank Internet Bank been working?

The general concept of AttonBank Internet Bank was created in May 2018, the same time with the establishment of Attonomy Ltd. Then, for almost one year, the company's programmers developed the client's part of the system. After the development was completed, closed beta testing was conducted, and in June 2019 the Internet platform was launched for public use.

How is income generated by AttonBank customer's deposits formed?

Income from Internet Bank AttonBank client's deposits is formed in proportion to the total profit of AttonBank. The profit of the Internet Bank AttonBank is the result of its financial activities, obtained in the process of issuing short-term loans. More details.

What are the guarantees of the deposit's safety?

In addition to the general legal guarantees provided by British law to all British companies clients, a special guarantee of the deposit's safety in AttonBank is the presence of a special insurance fund of Attonomy Ltd, which is deposited in the British Lloyds Bank Pls.

Also, it should be understood that all AttonBank customer's funds - as deposit's cryptocurrencies, as well as electronic payment systems title signs deposits - are always under the direct and permanent control of the clients themselves, since each client's money is available for withdrawal from his account at any time.

Where is Attonomy Ltd located?

The heart of the company is its main office, which is located in London, United Kingdom, at 71 Shelton Street, London, England, WC2H 9JQ.

What currency is used within the AttonBank Internet Bank?

Within the AttonBank Internet Bank, the US dollar is used.

How safe is it to be an AttonBank's client? Is secure encryption protocol used?

The security of working online with AttonBank Internet Bank is guaranteed by using the SSL protocol (SHA-256 with RSA encryption).

Can I open more than one client account in AttonBank?

The client allowed to open in AttonBank any unlimited number of accounts if such accounts are not linked within the framework of the existing affiliate program.

What is the procedure for profit calculating in AttonBank Internet Bank?

The profit on the deposit is accrued every 24 hours - at 09.00 hours (London time) for the whole amount of money that remained in the client account in the Internet bank AttonBank during the last 24 hours at the accrual time.

Can the AttonBank profit plan change over time?

The profit plan "1 percent for 24 hours" in the Internet bank AttonBank is guaranteed to be an unchangeable plan.

Does the received income capitalize on the client's deposit in the Internet bank AttonBank?

Capitalization of income received on the client's deposit occurs the same time with its accrual; after capitalization, the income automatically adds the main deposit, it also begins to accrue profits and it becomes available for withdrawal. More details.

What are the minimum and maximum for deposits in AttonBank Internet Bank?

The technical minimum is 1 US dollar. No any maximum.

What is the minimum for withdrawing funds from AttonBank Internet Bank?

The technical minimum for withdrawing is 0.01 US dollar.

How fast is the money deposited to the client's account after making a deposit transaction in AttonBank?

As a rule, money is credited to the client's account immediately. In the case of using transfers made using any cryptocurrency, then, according to the cryptocurrency circulation rules, the enrollment process takes the time required to receive the necessary amount of transaction confirmations.

How fast is the transfer of money after making a withdrawal request from AttonBank?

Payments on customer requests for withdrawals are made automatically, at least four times a day, but, as a rule, much more often. The usual processing time for withdrawal is 1-2 hours.

Are there any fees for exchange operations in AttonBank?

The exchange operations in the Internet bank AttonBank, that is, the replenishment of the account using one electronic payment system (cryptocurrency), and the withdrawal (transfer) of funds using another electronic currency (cryptocurrency) are transactions for which no fees are charged. All exchange transactions are issued in full compliance with the rates of the AttonBank Internet Bank for the cryptocurrency purchase and sale, which are relevant at the time of the transaction. The rates for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency are set by AttonBank Internet Bank on the basis of the current trading situation on the exchanges and exchange platforms and are displayed on the recharge page and the withdrawal page.

Are there any fees for withdrawing profits from a client's account, made using an electronic system (cryptocurrency), other than an electronic system (cryptocurrency), which the client account was credited with?

When making a withdrawal from the client's account, no commission is charged, except for the commissions of the cryptocurrency networks.

Are there any time limits for customer deposits at AttonBank?

There are no restrictions in the time of customer deposits in the Internet Bank AttonBank. The client has the opportunity to withdraw money from his deposit at any time convenient for him and in any amount - at his own request.

How to register in AttonBank Internet Bank?

Registration in the AttonBank Internet Bank is available at: To complete the registration, it is necessary to fill in all the fields of the registration form and press the button located under the form.

How to make a deposit in AttonBank Internet Bank?

To make a deposit in the Internet bank AttonBank, you need to log in to the website, click on the button «Add funds»,on the page that opens, select your preferred payment method or payment system, specify the amount of top up balance and click button "Pay". After the automatic transition to the corresponding payment system website, it is necessary to complete the transaction.

How to withdraw money from a deposit in AttonBank Internet Bank?

To withdraw funds from AttonBank Internet Bank, you need to log in to the website, click on the button «Withdraw payment», on the page that opens specify the amount of withdrawal, details for payment and click on the “Continue” button . After that, the requested amount will go to the client's account in the payment system chosen by him or his cryptocurrency wallet.

How to apply for a short-term loan in AttonBank Internet Bank?

In order to apply for a short-term loan at AttonBank, you need to download and fill in an application form here and then send to e-mail: After consideration of the application and in the event of a positive decision, the requested amount is credited to the client's account in the Internet bank AttonBank and becomes available for withdrawal.

What is the rate for a short-term loan in AttonBank Internet Bank?

The short-term loan rate is 1.6% per calendar day.

What is the maximum term for a short-term loan in AttonBank Internet Bank?

The maximum term of a short-term loan is 30 calendar days.

Can the rate on a short-term loan and the maximum term of a loan in AttonBank Internet Bank be changed?

The rate on short-term loans, as well as the maximum loan term are unchanged values.

How fast is the decision-making procedure for issuing a short-term loan in the Internet bank AttonBank?

The average time for consideration of the application is only 5-6 hours, and in any case can not exceed 12 hours.

Are there any additional fees for issuing a short-term loan in the AttonBank Internet Bank?

In the case of a positive decision on granting a short-term loan to a client, a single special insurance payment is deducted from the loan amount. Its size is strictly fixed and equal to 155 US dollars.

Is it possible to transfer funds from one client account to another client's account in the Internet bank AttonBank?

Yes, the possibility of transferring funds between customer accounts is provided in AttonBank Internet Bank.

How to make the transfer of funds from one client account to another client's account in the Internet Bank AttonBank?

In order to transfer funds to another client's account, you need to fill in a transfer application, specify the amount, type of electronic currency or cryptocurrency where the transfer should be made, and click the “Confirm” button.

How fast is the transfer between clients accounts of AttonBank Internet Bank?

Transfers between clients accounts in the AttonBank Internet Bank are issued instantly.

What are the fees of AttonBank Internet Bank for transferring funds between customers accounts?

The fee for the transfer of funds between customers accounts in the Internet bank AttonBank is 0.15% of the amount transferred.

Is it possible to check the status of a payment when conducting account depositing transactions, withdrawing funds or transfer between client accounts in the structure of AttonBank Internet Bank?

Yes, it is possible. The status of any payment transaction can be tracked in the client's Personal Account using the appropriate option.

Can the cryptocurrency (payment system) used when depositing an account in the Internet bank AttonBank differ from the cryptocurrency (payment system) used when withdrawing funds or when transferring funds to another's account with a client?

When transferring funds to another client or withdrawing funds from his account, the client allowed to choose any cryptocurrency (payment system) at his own request.

How to make profit on the AttonBank affiliate program?

In order to further development of the Internet bank AttonBank provides a special affiliate program to attract new customers. The income from the affiliate program is 25 (twenty five) percent of the income of each newly attracted client.

For making this, the attracted client has to:

- register via a unique (referral) link, which is present on the main page of each client account.

- or specify a unique partner code in the form of registration of a new account.

More information about the AttonBank Internet Bank affiliate program can be found here.

What to do if the login / password is lost / forgotten?

To restore a lost or forgotten login / password, you must contact customer support or use an automatic password recovery system.

Who can ask questions about the work of the Internet bank AttonBank?

Any questions on the operation of the Internet bank AttonBank can be asked here.