Credit and debit cards

Bank cards

Like any other financial institution, like any other bank, AttonBank Internet Bank offers its customers the design of debit* and credit cards.

As you know, the main difference between a debit card and a credit card is that it is impossible to get a loan using the first one. If a client does not need borrowed funds, but he needs only a tool for storing his own funds and cashless payment for goods and services, receiving social benefits and carrying out other operations, then such a client chooses a debit card.

If the client needs to receive a loan or several loans, then of course he chooses a credit card.

Currently, AttonBank Internet Bank provides for issuing credit cards only for borrowing clients who have been approved for a short-term loan. The contract and terms of service for AttonBank credit cards are provided at the time of approval of the application for a short-term loan.

* AttonBank Internet Bank debit cards issuance is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2019. In many respects, the adoption of a final decision on the date for the commencement of debit card issuance will depend on the some performance AttonBank Internet Bank's indicators analysis in 2019.