Our Team

Our Team

Mark Stine

Mark specializes in promoting complex and complex projects, personally accompanying all steps of their development. As an experienced full-stack developer, Mark provides direct supervision of projects. His competences are: team building, control the results of their work, elimination of any compatibility problems, ensuring general security and the final refinement of the finished product.

Jake Ramirez

For the last 8 years, Jake has been a universal web developer. After working in some European IT companies, he took upon himself the task of covering the experience of interacting with end users at AttonBank in order to develop the most convenient platform for depositing and loans issuance. His areas are: the direct functioning of the AttonBank platform algorithms.

Joan Gretski

Joan is co-founder of some Blockchain-based projects. Consultant on the introduction of blockchain technologies and business development. More than 10 years of successful experience in operational management of companies in various industries. Her competences include business planning, financial management, risk management.

Mary Swenson

Marie has over 8 years experience of working in banking and finance. Her competence includes: customer service and business support functions in conjunction with the department of credit and joint services. Complex issues of banking security.

Mia Lindberg

Experienced legal manager with extensive experience in information technologies. She graduated from the law school at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her competences: legal issues, direct work with clients.

Alex Fridman

Alex has many years of experience in the financial industry, including having previously worked in the field of international trade, currency settlements and settlements in the money market. He is also an expert in the field of information technologies and electronic payment processing. His competence includes the operational management of internal payments, as well as the customer transaction department.

Boris Vinnik

Chief executive officer. Boris has direct experience of senior management in a leading payment business. From the CEO to building and managing several of his own businesses, Boris has more than 15 years of experience in areas such as business management, all aspects of marketing and sales, development and technology transfer.