About Attonomy Ltd

The company Attonomy Ltd is registered in the UK in 2018, the identification number is 11358338, transformed to ATB World Ltd, ID number 12527046

Attonomy Ltd provides services to its customers - legal entities and individuals in the field of individual lending, as well as - the placement of deposits. The company specializes in issuing short-term loans, at the same time attracting deposits from its customers.

The client of the company can be any natural or legal person, regardless of citizenship, country of registration or country of residence.

The company Attonomy Ltd has specialists with many years of experience in the banking sector, in the field of capital management, as well as in such a new branch of the economy, as the technology and the fundamentals of modern electronic payments and cryptocurrencies.

The staff of Attonomy Ltd is 42 people.

The center of the company is its main office, which is located in London, UK: 71 Shelton Street, London, England, WC2H 9JQ.

Attonomy Ltd uses the most modern technologies in its activities.

First of all, it is a unique specialized software produced for us by special orders by leading American and Korean development companies.

In its daily work, Attonomy Ltd uses its own unique system of interaction with customers - the international Internet bank AttonBank, which allows some customers to invest remotely and others to also credit remotely.

The uniqueness of the online bank AttonBank is that all operations within the bank can be carried out through virtually all known electronic payment systems, including the vast majority of existing cryptocurrencies.

When making a financial transaction, each client of a bank is free to choose that financial instrument, that particular electronic or cryptocurrency, which is preferable for him at a given time. (More information about AttonBank Internet Bank can be found here)

One of the most important advantages of Attonomy Ltd is a high level of customer service that meets the highest standards and any wide needs of customers.

International Internet Bank AttonBank is the most convenient and at the same time completely protected system for obtaining high profits. In addition, it is a mobile and flexible individual lending tool that could not exist without a high-tech and modern personnel base.

The team Attonomy Ltd are bright, talented and motivated employees. Thanks to their joint efforts, new and interesting financial products are being launched, and modern and promising areas of business are developing.

The professionalism, skill and experience of managers Attonomy Ltd allows Internet bank customers to quietly go about their business while their money is working. And work effectively!